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Treating water with respect in Australia

Ultraspin water skid in AustraliaSpecialized in the design and supply of high performance oily water separators, the Australian engineering company, Ultraspin Technology Pty Ltd, manufactures separators used to recover oil fats and solids from wastewater streams. These equipments are therefore found in various industries such as mining, oil & gas, power as well as food industries.

Ultraspin Technology Pty Ltd skids are built with hydro cyclone technology (using centrifugal force) and progressing cavity pumps. “An important design factor that we must consider when designing our oily separators is the design and selection of a suitable pump for our equipment. Proper pump selection is important to prevent excessive mechanical agitation, in order to reduce the emulsification of the oily water before it enters the Ultraspin separators. The most suitable pump for this application is progressive cavity pumps. Through extensive investigation, we have found that the least emulsifying and most efficient of these pumps is the PCM range of pumps” affirm Ivano Simonetto, Ultraspin Engineering Manager.

Ultraspin has chosen to include PCM EcoMoineau™M progressing cavity pumps to replace pneumatic pumps using air compressors. PCM pumps, much less expensive, are particularly appreciated for their gentle and low shear action maximizing oil droplets size and there how enhancing oils and fats recovery rates.

“The PCM pumps meet and exceed our rigorous requirements of having very low leakage rates, whilst still delivering pressurized fluid to our system, says Ivano Simonetto. In addition, the pumps are mechanically robust and so are able to withstand the demands of harsh environments such as remote mining sites”.

Many PCM pumps have already been integrated into existing Ultraspin skids, including small 4M6F pumps, made in Australia, for Rio Tinto, one of the world major mining companies. Many 60I10, 60M12S, 40M12S, 25M12S and 6M12S are also in the regular scope of supply today.

The customer is very satisfied regarding the relationships with PCM. “PCM team has been able to understand our business and our specific requirements. They have been able to deliver a pump that meets our process requirements, is reliable and well-priced. PCM team responds quickly and delivers on their promises and we would certainly recommend PCM to anyone considering a progressing cavity pump” concludes the Engineering Manager.



Ultraspin Technology Pty Ltd engineering company in Australia


Increase the oils and fats recovery rates


  • Low shearing pump
  • Compact
  • Robustness