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Replacement of lobe pumps in a chemical formulation unit


A chemical production center in the East of France has just acquired 3 lobe pumps but after only a few days of commissioning, the managers of this center realize that these pumps are not working properly; they do not provide the theoretically promised flowrate at the required service pressure. The chemical formulation unit must start within 2 weeks and engineers are working on finding a solution.


PCM solution:

PCM offers small EcoMoineau™ C metering pumps (05C12S), which are available, including engines, under extremely short lead times. These pumps perfectly meet the desired requirements, especially in terms of guaranteeing the delivered flow rate which must remain constant even when the pressure and the viscosity of the product vary over a clearly identified range. The pumps in question have been delivered in 15 days and the formulation unit can start on time...


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