PCM Industry

PCM provides pumping equipment to a mixing and stirring equipment manufacturer


A manufacturer of mixing and stirring equipment offers its clients turnkey skids including agitator tanks, mixers, control panels and pumps for filling and emptying these skids. Their specialty is the mixing of complex, often highly viscous products, and the required pumps must be capable of transferring and dosing fluids under high pressure stresses while offering the lowest possible dimensional characteristics for easy integration into mixing skids.


PCM solution:

PCM provides pumps combining the two qualities required by this customer thanks to its progressing cavity pumps with floating stator (MF). In particular the 4M12F pump allows pumping at a flow rate of more than 8,8 gpm at a pressure of 116 psi, and does not exceed an overall length of 25.2’’ when equipped with a motor of 1 HP.


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