PCM Industry

PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA pump with hopper for pumping dehydrated sludge

A customer asks for the best solution for the feeding process of a drying plant. The fluid to be pumped is a 25% viscous but not too sticky dehydrated pharmaceutical organic sludge.

PCM offers an PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA pump with hopper and Archimedean screw, perfect for applications with non-flowing fluids, as in this case. 

✔️Flow rate of 0.5 m3 / h

✔️Delivery pressure 5 bar

✔️Viscosity 5000 cpo

✔️Cast iron body

✔️Hopper  275 x 1000 mm with archimedean screw

The pump performance was a success and the customer was very satisfied with the results.