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PCM EcoMoineau™ M PCP for transferring lime slurries


One of the world's largest producers of lime and gypsum stones has to transfer lime slurries from a thickener to a heat exchanger at a regulated flow rate of 110 gpm, at a pressure of 116 psi. The transferred sludge can contain up to 20% solids with possible 40mm particles. This quarry is accustomed to using centrifugal pumps, but the operating point of the pump used for the transfer in question proves to deliver too higher flowrate for the heat exchanger and requires a motorization of very high power (174 hp), extremely energy-consuming and noisy.


PCM solution:

The extended operating range of the progressing cavity pumps allows PCM to recommend a 120M12S pump with a motor of only 24.8 hp instead of the centrifugal pump used. The PCM pump consumes 7 times less energy than the centrifugal pump, requires much less maintenance, allows greater regulation of the flow obtained and in particular allowed the quarry to get rid of its installation that was controlling the overflow of its centrifugal pump (removal of several tens of meters of piping and a tank of high capacity). The customer also appreciates the significant noise reduction of his new pump...


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