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PCM EcoMoineau™ C PCP for kaolin pumping in a paper industry


One of Europe's largest thermal paper coating sites uses more than 150 pumps of various technologies. This company has problems with the reliability and lifespan of its eccentric disc pumps when pumping kaolin, a highly abrasive product. Forced to replace the stainless steel discs of these pumps every 2 months, they are looking for a more competitive alternative solution and subject to less maintenance operations.


PCM solution:

PCM offers the EcoMoineau™ C stainless steel pumps to best withstand the corrosiveness of pumped products. The selection consists of the combination of polychloroprene (CR) stators, offering a very good resistance to abrasive products while guaranteeing good resistance to chemical attack, and stainless steel rotors coated with a 400μm chromium layer to improve the hardness. Some pumps, those most stressed in abrasion, are configured with ceramic rotors. Mechanical seals are back-to-back cartridge design. These pumps are now systematically installed by this customer when he has to pump and dose highly abrasive and corrosive products.


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