PCM Industry

PCM Ecomoineau™ M energy efficient progressing cavity pump

PCM Ecomoineau™ M is the most compact progressing cavity pump (PCP) available on the market today. Its revolutionary design combines the legendary performance and reliability of PCM PCP technology with a highly modular, eco-friendly design.

The EcoMoineau™ M is available in different versions:

  • Fixed stator
  • Floating stator
  • Also available with hopper


  • Multiple flanges
  • Standard hand holes
  • Revolutionary joint

ATEX certification

  • PCM EcoMoineau™ M cast iron progressing cavity pump
  • PCM EcoMoineau™ M cast iron progressing cavity pump - 180M6L model
  • PCM cast iron progressing cavity pump - 180M6L model


Simplified servicing

At first glance, the Ecomoineau™ M pump may look like an ordinary PCP, but a closer look reveals a multitude of design features that make installation, operation and maintenance easier than ever before. 

For example:

  • The seal can be changed by simply disconnecting the drive.
  • The shaft line (rotor, coupling rod, driving shaft) can be removed without disconnecting the pipes.
  • The integrated version comes with a smaller diameter, self-positioning mechanical seal.


  • Maximum flow rate: from  0.3 m3/h to 180 m3/h /from 1.32 à 792.5 US GPM
  • Maximum pressure: 24 bar / 350 psi
  • Maximum temperature: 120°c /250°F
  • Particle size: 40 mm / 1,57 inches