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PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA - MVA FF sludge pumps

Based upon the PCP Moineau™ technology, the PCM EcoMoineau™MVA progressing cavity pumps are designed to bring simplicity for transferring and/or dosing the many complex fluids found in a wide range of industrial applications. High viscosity, pasty, sticky, high dry matters content, non-flowing fluids with big chunks or that have a tendency to bridge are found across many industries and often entail challenging conditions.

With a simple yet sturdy/rugged design, PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA series allows you to combine constant productivity and cost-effectiveness even with the most complex fluids.

The MVA series is ideal to handle fluids with high viscosity or low capacity to flow, which require manual feeding or gravity fed pumps.

The MVA FF (force-feeding) Series is designed to transfer sticky sludges with high viscosity, high dry-matter, a low capacity to flow or a tendency to bridge. 

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  • Cake pumps PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA + MVA FF
  • Cake pumps PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA - cut away
  • Cake pumps PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA FF - cut away

Benefits of PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA - MVA FF cake pumps

  • Product integrity
  • Constant and pulsation –free flow rate
  • Flow directly proportional to the speed
  • Easy maintenance
  • Valve-less operation
  • Enlarged rectangular inlet coupled with an archimede/feeding screw enabling the manual or gravity feeding/loading of the most viscous or non-flowing fluids into the pumping element
  • Polymer lubrication and flow management level control available with the MVA FF Series
  • Spare parts inventory common to EcoMoineau™ Series

Performances of PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA - MVA FF cake pumps

  • Flow rate : from 0.003 to 300 m3/h (including small and big IVA and MVA models)
  • Pressure : 24 bar
  • Viscosities up to 1.000.000 cPo
  • Max solids content : 40%

Markets related to PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA - MVA FF cake pumps