PCM Industry

PCM industrial macerator pumps

PCM’s industrial macerator pumps offer a cost-effective way to protect the reliability of your pumps.

Our industrial macerators can protect your pumps from rags, fibres and solid particles, using a proven concept which is based on a perforated shear plate and a rotating headstock. Suitable for all water works, they offer:

  • Pump protection from fibres and long particles
  • Improvement of preconditioning in the primary treatment
  • Replacement for in-flow grinders
  • Maximum flow rate of 400 m3/h

Specially designed for sludge applications, our macerators are suitable for new water plants or as a retrofit for old pipeliners. They can also be used as protection for pumping stations handling raw sewage, as well as maceration and mixing in a range of industries, from paper to oil.

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  • Picture of the PCM Macerators
  • Picture of the PCM Macerators on customer site


You’ll find a huge number of advantages when you choose PCM’s inline macerators, both to your equipment and processes.


The interchangeable cartridge assembly consists of a cutter head with a self-compensating mechanism, which allows for the fast recovery of a breakdown, as well as:

  • Low running costs
  • Optimal cutting performance
  • Lower power requirement
  • Higher performance than other models
  • Fewer spare parts for easier maintenance
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Efficient cutting assembly
  • Double protection of the spring for longer-lasting performance
  • Stainless steel sleeving, which fully protects the shaft from the medium
  • Reduced downtime for routine servicing


Improve the speed and efficiency of your processes with an industrial macerator from PCM. Features include:

  • Protection of your pump’s reliability
  • Creation of a pre-conditioned medium
  • Replacement for in-flow grinders  


  • Maximum flowrate: 400 m3/h