Environment market

Waste water treatment pumps

Clear choice for treating liquid waste

One of the biggest challenges in environmental protection is the cost-effective treatment and handling of municipal and industrial waste water. Pumping systems play a crucial role in the environmental industry, ensuring that industrial and municipal wastewater is handled economically and reliably.

PCM pumping equipment are available for a wide range of key applications in the treatment of wastewater. They are designed to offer the robust performances required for transferring wastewater, dewatered sludge, and metering chemicals such a lime slurry, ferric chloride or polymer, in traditional wastewater treatment plants. All steps of water treatment processes are efficiently supported by PCM equipment, from pre-treatment to final sludge evacuation.

We also provide solutions for other water treatment applications, such as flue gas clean-up, landfill leachate, recovering hydrocarbon and performing ground remediation.

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  • PCM pumps and systems for sludges and waste water treatment
  • PCM pumps and systems for sludges and reagents transfer and dosing

Markets challenges

There are several common problems customers face when searching for an effective and reliable solution for the disposal of waste water and sewage. These market challenges include:

  • Process reliability
  • Improving efficiency of pumps
  • Reducing power consumption
  • Avoiding costly downtime
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Optimising productivity and Life Cycle Costs

Why choose PCM ?

PCM solutions provide cost-effective and reliable performance. All of our pumps are built to the highest standards, guaranteeing trouble-free operation for you. Here are just a few reasons to integrate them into your environmental processes:

  • We offer a specific, tailored range for environmental applications
  • Our products are patented, meeting high quality standards
  • Fully flexible for integration into your existing processes, our pumps are also available as part of ready-to-use turnkey systems
  • Wide range of home made elastomers
  • PCM has a highly visible global presence, with widely available spare parts and rapid worldwide distribution
  • Our commissioning process ensures trouble-free operation
  • We provide top quality after sales service, with extended warranties, field maintenance, repair services and upgrades
  • ISO 14001 and Eco-Design