Responsible business practices

responsible business practices

Our business practices are based on integrity, fairness, transparency and responsibility. This is our inspiration.

PCM will focus on 3 main topics: compliance, Human rights and sustainable supply chain.


Compliance respect is a major challenge for the Group and a priority for PCM Management. This is an integral part of our PCM 2022 strategy and our code of ethics. Each employee of the company, regardless of the entity, was asked to attend a training course aimed at presenting compliance in general and raising awareness of the main issues concerning the group, including the risks related to corruption, embargoes, insider trading, etc.

To read our Code of Ethics, click here.

Human Rights

With more than 27 entities worldwide and more than 38 different nationalities within the Group, PCM makes it a point of honour to promote and respect cultural and ethnic differences. Moreover, directly linked to our Code of Ethics, PCM is committed to respect human rights in the countries and regions in which the company is implemented.

Sustainable supply chain

Since 2017, PCM Group has established a responsible purchase policy by signing the « Charter for responsible supplier relationship ». This policy aims at participating in the development of local economy by choosing local suppliers.

For further information, do not hesitate to consult our “supplier collaboration with PCM” webpage.