Participation to the Odysséa race in France

Several employees of Champtocé-sur-Loire participated in March 2019 in the Odysséa race to fight breast cancer in Nantes. One team was able to run a 10km run and a second team did a 5km walk.

Since the creation of the ODYSSEA association, everyone has been invited to take part in 1km, 5km or 10km events in order to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer, a disease that still affects 1 in 8 women in France today.

Year after year, the association has seen the number of participants and its community grow. At the same time, it has recorded ever-increasing donations in each of the regions where the tour ends. It has always pursued the objective of conveying a strong message of prevention through sport, by inviting women, men and even children to share their strides and continue their efforts beyond the event. An ever more enthusiastic, supportive and mobilized "pink wave".

The 2019 edition in Nantes brought together nearly 15,000 participants and raised 101,000 €, which was donated as follows:

- 49000€ at the ICO Centre René Gauducheau

- 49000€ to the League Against Cancer Committee 44

- 3000€ to the association Odyssea's favorite: the association AGIR.

All information on the results and the association can be found here: https://www.odyssea.info/