Mecen'Elite Anjou patronage

Since September 2019, PCM has joined 7 other companies committed to promoting the elites of Maine-et-Loire beyond its borders, until Tokyo in 2020, which is in line with the company's international dimension.

The aim of this action is to integrate the human side into our corporate social responsibility, while being consistent with our internal disability policy. Through this action, the athletes will come to testify about their journey, their disability and their daily life in the Champtocé-sur-Loire premises in November 2019.

Mécèn'Elite Anjou was created at the initiative of the Maine-et-Loire Chamber of Commerce and Industry by companies concerned with promoting the extra-sport support and retraining of high-level athletes, licensed in the department. In 2018, the endowment fund took a new turn by focusing on the territory's Paralympic athletes.

Mécèn'Elite Anjou supports these athletes in their objective of hosting the Paralympic Games by creating a dynamic between athletes, clubs and companies from Maine-et-Loire. Mécèn'Elite Anjou is committed to supporting every athlete, every disability and every Olympic dream.

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PCM has been supporting 3 high-level athletes with disabilities since September 2019 as part of the Mécèn'Elite Anjou association...

Conference with Cindy Moreau, Paralympic canoe athlete Friday, December 06, 209 in Champtocé-sur-Loire. A one-hour conference-debate with PCM employees. A very strong and enriching moment with the athlete.