Participation in a French inter-company marathon

In June 2018, Champtocé-sur-Loire employees took part in the inter-company marathon race. This event represents a real moment of conviviality between colleagues and has been unanimously accepted by the participants over the past few years.

A part of the registration fees was donated to the association "Le Rire Médecin". While in France, 1 in 2 children is hospitalized before the age of 15, the mission of the hospital clowns of Le Rire Médecin is to help these children and their parents to overcome their anxiety and loneliness.

At a time when children are building their future adult personality, illness and hospitalization, even for a short period of time, are a crucial experience. Depending on whether the child's stay in hospital has been positive or negative, mild or traumatic, this experience will significantly influence the rest of the child's life and his attitude towards the problems, both physical and psychological, that he will encounter later.

To learn more about “The Rire Médecin”, click here: https://www.leriremedecin.org/

A new team will be present for the 2019 edition with collaborators from different departments. For this edition, a part of the contributions will be donated to the Maison de l'Autisme (autistic disorder).

French inter-company marathon Participation in a French inter-company marathon

Below, the team who ran for the association "la maison de l'autisme" in June 2019 in Angers: 

New french inter-company marathon