PCM, partner of “Elles Bougent” French association

Since July 2017, PCM has decided to support the association who is working by different means towards implementing gender diversity among companies of  the industrial and technological sectors.

The association also works with 3000 godmothers in France whose mission is to encourage women vocations into the area, by speaking without taboo, to students from their experience, their job, the difficulties encountered…For PCM, two goodmothers  have already accepted this role. On the occasion of the International Women's Rights Day on March 8, and in collaboration with the association, PCM opened its doors in Champtocé-sur-Loire to high school students from the region so that they could discover the industrial and technical trades that are within their reach.

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Transmitting a passion, encourage vocations, is the motto and the ambition of the association created in 2005 to inform young women of all the many possible scientific and technical careers opportunities and attract student women towards these jobs. The association also educates parents and teachers who play a crucial role in orienting these young girls. As a matter of fact, in France, scarcely 10% of the 60 000 scientific senior high school girls acquire higher levels in engineering.

Companies are changing and from now on there is an awareness that besides their technical skills, women can also take a fresh look at things and bring a new dynamic within the teams. Industrials are seeking for more diversity within their technical teams but have problems attracting female staff. At PCM where the trend towards feminization remains at only 20%, this partnership will help us promote PCM among those young women wishing to join a technical team.

Keep it Moving, Girls !

For more information about “Elles Bougent”, visit their website: http://www.ellesbougent.com/