Coeur de forêt partnership

In November 2018, PCM became a partner of the association Coeur de Forêt, whose main objective is to preserve forests by working with the population to restore a sustainable balance between men and forests.

Among the various projects proposed by the association, the PCM sponsoring has allowed to finance two ″family projects″ in France.

The first project consisted, over an area of 2 hectares, of planting different types of trees in order to create a permaculture orchard for educational purposes. In total, nearly 274 plants were distributed on the plot in December 2018 and January 2019. The orchard will start to bear fruit in springtime. The 2nd project started in November 2018 and had various objectives:

- the restoration of the plot of land

- the creation of a honey edge

- the establishment of beekeeping.

The PCM funding enabled first of all to purchase and provide the owner with 40 plants for the honey fringe and 5 hives for beekeeping. The family also received assistance in thinning a chestnut coppice to produce wild chestnuts (organic flour), timber, roundwood, firewood and to enhance the development of mushrooms while remaining in sustainable plot management.

The members of the association came to meet us in January to present the first results of our participation in the two projects. We will stay in touch throughout the year to follow the evolution of the plantations.

Famille bourgeois Famille Monteil

Learn more about the association…

Cœur de foret is an association created in 2005. Their aim is to reforest, to preserve the biodiversity of forest ecosystems, enhance the value of natural resources, structure fair trade exchanges and raise awareness among populations and the general public of the issues related to the preservation and enhancement of the forest.

Their development approach aims at a global integration of development issues within projects and places people and biodiversity at the heart of exchange and concerns.

If you would like to help Cœur de forêt and learn more about their actions, click here : https://www.coeurdeforet.com/

Visite coeur de forêt Logo coeur de forêt

We have received some photos to illustrate our actions: swarms of bees taking their marks, trees that have been growing for more than 6 months, the maintenance of plantations...

Some trees are growing First peach of the year

House of bees Some home for the bees on the trees