Making toys for refugee children in Middle East

A children's toy creation activity has been set up in our subsidiary in Dubai. An afternoon of sharing and joy for the Middle East teams. Several dolls were therefore created to be redistributed to refugee children later.

After a quick lesson on basic sewing techniques, each employee had to use their creativity to make small toys for refugee children who desperately need a little happiness. Throughout the day, the teams learned more about the refugee crisis and what they can do to help them. Then, at the end, everyone wrapped up their dolls and sent them to the children... It is a small gift for the PCM teams but a great sign of affection for the children who received them.

What is the Company for goods association?

Team building, CSR, sustainable development, volunteering..... The association organizes fun and engaging team activities that enable companies and individuals to take action for the good cause, both for the planet and for local communities.

Jouets pour réfugiés Jouets pour réfugiés