Stop using disposable cups

The Great Middle East cluster has initiated since October 2018 a « zero plastics » policy. The objective is to remove, as a first step, all disposable objects used to restore oneself from everyday life.

All employees therefore aim to completely eliminate plastic cups and cutlery, and to avoid as much as possible all everyday objects made of this material (water bottles, etc.).

According to a WWF study, plastics take more than four centuries to degrade and contaminate the entire food chain. Every year, up to 13 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans because it cannot be recycled. The top ten plastic waste collected from the marine environment in the world in 2017 are cigarette butts, plastic fragments, bottles, food packaging, polystyrene fragments, plastic bags, fishing equipment, bottle tops, cotton rods and lollipop sticks.

Today, 150 million tons of plastic are in the ocean.

This initiative is developing in our various entities around the world.

no more plastic