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PCM Moineau™ with ultra low NPSH

Customer references - PCM long shaft vertical PCP in FPSOPROJECT DESCRIPTION

Closed Drains Systems on offshore platforms collect hazardous waste fluids and spillage. The fluids are collected and stored in a drum to prevent contamination of surrounding sea water. The installation containing the hydrocarbon waste has a high vapor pressure has less than 0.5m (1.5 ft) NPSH available. A pump with ultra low NPSH requirement is needed to periodically empty the drum.


PCM Moineau™ Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCPs) were configured for horizontal installation, adjacent to the closed drains drum. The low NPSH requirement enabled fluids transfer without cavitation. The pump’s wetted parts were constructed from corrosion resistant alloys and in-house blended elastomers for compatibility with the array of pumped fluids.


PCM Moineau™ 100I10 Progressive Cavity Pump


  • Lowest NPSH requirement available (0.17m).
  • Pump handles unpredictable fluid viscosities and maintains performance


  • Corrosive fluids
  • Ultra low NPSH available
  • Multiple fluid properties


Client: TOTAL E&P
Location: Offshore Nigeria
Fluids: Closed drains fluids
Flowrate: 25 m3/hr (110 USGPM)
Differential pressure: 7 bar (100 PSI)
Key Point: low NPSH design