PCM Oil and Gas

PCM Moineau™ AV vertical progressing cavity pumps

The PCM Moineau™ AV vertical progressing cavity pump is the ideal solution for upstream and downstream oil & gas applications within onshore and offshore facilities. It combines API standards with our unrivalled industry expertise.

PCM Moineau™ AV vertical API pumps are designed for installation directly into a tank, pit, vessel or drum and offer exceptional opportunities to save space,  simplify your system, and minimise associated capital equipment costs.

Installing a PCM Moineau™ AV vertical pump directly into the fluid source eliminates upstream pressure losses, maximising the Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH).

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PCM Moineau™ AV vertical PCP Specifications

Quality records

  • Material certification to EN10204 for pressure wetted metallic parts.
  • NACE certification for sour service.
  • API inspection & testing options; performance, hydrostatic, NPSH, noise and vibration.
  • Non-destructive examination.
  • API documentation


  • Multiple options for a wide variety of applications, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and corrosion resistant alloys.
  • Hardwearing chromium plated rotors for low friction and abrasion resistance.
  • A range of elastomer stators, formulated by PCM elastomer experts in our state of the art laboratory, and manufactured in house.

PCM Moineau™ AV vertical PCP Options & Accessories

PCM Moineau™ AV pumps are available with a range of options and accessories to fulfil your specific needs:

  • Pump length customised to suit the installation
  • Flange or plate mounting
  • Stator housing for exceptionally corrosive applications
  • Coarse inlet filter
  • Multi-coat Epoxy paint system for harsh environments
  • Cartridge mechanical seals for high performance, reliability and reduced maintenance costs
  • API seal plans for optimum seal performance and operator safety
  • A range of accessories include over pressure protection devices, instrumentation and variable speed drives

PCM Moineau™ AV vertical PCP Performances

  • Maximum flowrate: 108m3/hr (450 Usgpm)
  • Maximum differential pressure: 24 bar (350 psi)
  • Maximum fluid temperature: 130°C (265°F)
  • Minimum fluid temperature: -12°C (10°F)
  • Ambient temperature range: -40°C to +55°C / -40°F to +130°F