Artificial lift and surface transfer

Artificial lift & surface transfer solutions

To best serve the requirements of the Oil & Gas industry, PCM offers the most efficient and reliable pumping solutions for the artificial lift and surface transfer. Through a unique in-house expertise, PCM is able to provide complete solutions including software, services and industrial excellence. 

Artificial Lift

PCM provides complete pumping solutions for the well production. Today, more than 10 000 PCM progressing cavity pumps systems are operating worldwide.

PCM also offers a wide range of services. Available on a call-off or contract basis, PCM services go beyond field assistance, covering the whole scope of a project (design, training, maintenance…).

Surface Transfer

PCM supplies cost-effective pumping systems based on progressing cavity pump technology and services for surface transfer applications. The PCM range also includes pumping systems complying with API 676 standards. For specific installations, PCM offers a unique response and a project management control through its Engineering Department. 

Artificial Lift systems

PCM offers innovative and flexible solutions to optimize oil & gas production.

Artificial Lift - Systems

Oil well production

PCM offers cost-effective artificial lift pumps and systems, which have been developed using our unique PCP technology. We also offer integrated services for any artificial lift challenges you might face in upstream oil and gas production.

Artificial Lift - Products

Artificial lift services

By service, we mean understanding the operational needs of a client and offering him adapted support, with reliable options for decision to optimize his assets. PCP operations include a variety of actions, some of which you can decide to

PCM range of services for Artificial Lift

Oil surface transfer positive displacement pumps

PCM provides a wide range of positive displacement pumps that meets the requirements of Oil & Gas surface transfer applications.

PCM technologies for surface transfer applications

Crude oil transfer pumps

PCM oil transfer pumps are developed using the original Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) technology which, when applied to surface transfer pumping, brings valuable operational benefits for users.

PCM on-shore surface transfer pumps

Surface transfer services

With engineering and project management service, our job is to find the best fluid handling solutions for you. Our service engineers and technicians are all highly trained. They bring their knowledge of PCM PCP technology and API standards and certifications to bear on every project.

PCM range of services for Surface transfer