PCM Oil and Gas

Performances - Engineering organisation

To optimize your performance, PCM offers expertise coupled with an open minded approach to problem solving, dedicated support and consultation from project FEED stage to installation. For specific installation, PCM provides customers with a unique engineering response and service through a highly skilled engineering team and a dedicated organization. At PCM Flow Technology Center, calculations and simulations using advanced software and design facilities are achieved to find the best suited pump design for your application.

Surface transfer performances

Fluid testing

The Flow Technology Center provides a full range of fluid testing services. Our experts analyse the rheometric mechanical and chemical properties of the products to be handles in order to determine the most suitable pump and installation. In particular, fluid testing makes it possible to match fluids with the most suitable elastomer, coatings and materials for parts.

Vibration analysis

Advanced PCP metrology, vibration analysis and finite element analysis (stress, torsion…) are consistently conducted to validate pumps towards customer’s environment requirements.

Heavy investments in offshore production require high-end engineering solutions for carrying fluids in harsh conditions (dynamic strains and deformations caused by the motion of vessels in offshore applications for example).

Numerical simulations are carried out in the R & D department of PCM to predict the hydraulic behavior of the pump at the preliminary stage of the design, as well as in the validation process of the final product.

Modeling and prototyping

Advanced calculation and simulation tools are used by our experts to achieve the necessary fluid simulations, research and 3D modelling.

Before incurring the expense of manufacturing and installing a custom pump, our engineers perform fluid simulations using our sophisticated hydraulic modeling system. This enables us to develop the best prototype in the shortest possible time and conduct prototype trials before manufacturing the final production models. Pumps are designed and tested taking into account our customer’s specific constraints

PCM trainings

Training sessions to optimize PCM pumps and system performances are available for your engineers, technicians and operational staff.

Our training session provides a comprehensive understanding of the operating principles of our surface transfer pumps as well as hands-on learning of the installation, operation and troubleshooting of PCM pumps.