PCM Oil and Gas

PCM spares and accessories for oil & gas pumps

Your operations are critical. They merit only the highest level of quality that comes with PCM spare parts, backed by the PCM quality guarantee. Accessories are highly recommended to optimize pump process and safety.

PCM oil and Gas spares

With our strategically located manufacturing hubs across four continents and warehouses across most regions, the parts you need are never too far away.

We are committed to delivering quality spare parts and responsive support services through our global network of service centres and partners.

Installation & Commissioning

Our specialist field technicians undertake supervision, pre-operational checks and monitoring to give you a trouble free Installation & Commissioning process.

On-site parts management

The availability and condition of spare parts impacts a pump’s production uptime, especially for remote sites. We advise your warehouse managers on the best way to anticipate your needs, store and manage PCM parts.


We offer a range of operational support services including inspection, maintenance and repair, pump system optimisation, retrofits as well as service and maintenance contracts tailored to your individual needs.


Training programmes for engineers, technicians and operational staff can be delivered on-site – in the field or in the class room – and at PCM’s own Learning Centre.

Sealing systems

To prevent fluid discharge to the environment, presenting a risk to personnel and operations, PCM surface pumps are equipped with high integrity mechanical shaft sealing for hazardous flammable or toxic applications.

API sealing support systems (sometimes called ‘seal plans’) work in conjunction with various seal types, to improve the performance of the mechanical seal. PCM surface transfer pumps can be equipped with API sealing plans to provide an integrated solution.

Dry Running Sensor

To prevent excessive dry running, leading to overheating and damage to the pump stator, a range of instrumentation is available, utilising the most appropriate technology for your application.

Safety Relief Valve

PCM surface pump is a positive displacement pump technology, so it’s important to install an appropriate type of overpressure protection;  to safeguard against overpressure in the event of a closed valve or blockage, that could lead to damage to the pump or system. PCM offers a range of API safety relief valves, matched to each pump.

Pressure Monitoring

Pressure sensors enable local and remote monitoring of pressure at the pump, and automatic shutdown in the case of overpressure.

Control Packages

For applications that need process control and/ or condition monitoring, PCM pumps control packages provide:

  • Flowrate control (through pump VSD).
  • Pressure monitoring and regulation.
  • Auto shutdown/ changeover in case of overpressure or dry running condition.
  • Remote condition monitoring of process and pump auxiliary systems.
  • Tank level control.