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PCM Moineau™ PCP keeping fragile polymer integrity

Customer references - PCM long shaft vertical PCP in FPSO


Polymer flooding is an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technique that targets improved volumetric sweep efficiency of water flooding. The process involves the preparation of polymer solutions at the surface and injecting them into the reservoir. High shear forces can break down the polymer chains, reducing their effectiveness. Polymer solutions must be carefully prepared and handled. They are very viscous before final dilution. The pumps used to transfer the solutions need to avoid shearing the polymer and be able to handle high viscosity.


The PCM Moineau™ Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) was evaluated as the optimum solution for polymer transfer. The combination of low operating speed, valve-less design and the constant profile of the sealed cavities between pump rotor and stator, ensures low-shear pumping. In contrast, centrifugal pump impellers and piston pump non-return valves are sensitive to viscosity and impose shear forces that degrade the polymer.


PCM Moineau™ 90i5 Progressive Cavity Pump


  • Lowest shear pump technology, respects polymer integrity.
  • Pump handles viscous fluid without blocking.
  • High efficiency, low power consumption


  • Valuable, shear sensitive fluid, where product integrity is critical to the process
  • Viscous fluid


Client: PDO
Location: Sultanate of Oman
Fluids: Polymer
Flowrate: 60 m3/h (265 USGPM)
Differential pressure: 4.5 bar (65 PSI)
Viscosity: 1500 cP