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PCM Moineau™ long shaft vertical PCP in FPSO

PCM Troika long shaft vertical PCP in FPSO


Wash tanks are very large liquid/liquid gravity separators generally installed on onshore oil production sites. In an innovative approach to reduce the size and weight of separation modules on the FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading units) topsides, wash tank units were constructed inside the FPSO hull for water-in-oil separation and desalting. After separation, all the fluids need to be transferred for appropriate treatment downstream.


Multiple PCM Moineau™ Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCPs) were engineered for vertical installation, inside the 30m deep FPSO hull, with the drive end positioned above deck. The low shear pump characteristics enabled fluids transfer without emulsification of pre-separated fluids, and the vertical installation of these large scale PCPs ensured minimum footprint on the topsides. The pump wetted parts were constructed from corrosion resistant alloys and in-house blended elastomers for compatibility with the corrosive produced fluids. They were the largest PCM Moineau™ pumps ever built.


PCM Moineau™ 390THP15V Progressive Cavity Pump


Engineered pump provides the optimum pump solution for this innovative new process.


  • Corrosive fluids
  • Limited available footprint
  • Separated oil/water
  • Multiple fluid viscosities


Client: TOTAL E&P
Location: Offshore Nigeria
Fluids: Produced Water
Flowrate: 120 m3/hr (530 USGPM)
Differential pressure: 8 bar (120 PSI)
Key Point: Vertical installation, 30m pump length