PCM Oil and Gas

PCM Moineau™ for multiphase booster applications

Troika PCP polymer integrityProject description

Booster pumps are used to export oil production from gathering stations to main processing facilities, over long distances. Initially, Twin Screw Pumps (TSP) were installed. High sand cut combined with high operating speed caused internal wear due to abrasion and subsequent loss of efficiency, and frequent failure of the pump’s multiple mechanical seals. This culminated in frequent production shutdown and high maintenance costs. The MTBF of 2-3 months left the Operator with no choice but to consider an alternative pump solution in its search for reliability.

Focus on product

The PCM Moineau™ Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) operates below 300rpm, compared to 1500rpm for the TSP. These lower operating speeds reduce the burden on the mechanical seals and transfers less energy to suspended solids, which in turn reduces potential for abrasion of pump internal parts. The inherent efficiency of the PCP delivered energy savings of 35 to 80% compared to the TSP, under the same operating conditions.

Related key product

  • PCM Moineau™ 180THP30, Multiphase Progressive Cavity Pump.


  • Robust and reliable solution for demanding application.
  • Significantly reduced downtime and increased production from the field 
  • Inherent efficiency of the PCP delivers significant energy savings.


  • Changing fluid viscosity due to seasonal climate (temperature) variations
  • Abrasive particles suspended in the fluid
  • Evolved gas
  • Critical duty: Continuous operation, with two thirds of field output dependent on the pumps’ performance


  • Client: PTTEP
  • Location: Thailand
  • Fluids: Sand laden Crude Oil + Water + Gas
  • Flowrate: 75 m3/hr (11 260 bfpd)
  • Differential pressure: 7 - 28 bar   (100-400 PSI)
  • Fluid temperature: 25 - 90 °C (75-200 °F)