PCM Oil and Gas

Well services

The need to transfer fluids laden with solids or abrasive slurries is common in upstream oil and gas production.

PCM transfer pump is the ideal choice for feeding de-sanders and centrifuges. It can also be used to transfer drilling fluids, produced water with fracking proppant and sand-laden oil.

  • Heavy-duty mobile skid solution for pumping  the oil mixed with water and gas produced during well testing in Abu Dhabi

Well service challenge

During well testing and drilling operation, drilling fluids carry debris from the drill bit to the surface.

At the surface, fluids contaminated with water, base oil and fine solids are transferred to a centrifuge for treatment. 

Why choose PCM for well services?

  • PCM transfer pumps efficiently feed fluids to the centrifuge, with minimal change in flowrate over pressure, viscosity or solids content fluctuations. Proportional pumps speed adjustment using variable speed drive ensures easy flow rate adjustment without compromising performance.
  • Constant non pulsating, PCM pumps can transfer fluids with heavy solids content at high pressure avoiding the need for auxiliary equipment or several parallel pumps.
  • Designed to provide easy installation on a rig and low-maintenance, reliable operations in harsh offshore conditions, PCM develops heavy-duty mobile skid solutions for pumping the oil mixed with water and gas produced during well testing.

Customers references

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Pump 38THP100
  • Pumped fluid : Oil + Water + Gas
  • Flow rate : 26.5 m3/h (120 USGPM) – 4000 bpd
  • Pressure : 100 bar (1500 psi)

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