PCM Oil and Gas

Oil and gas processing

Oil wells produce a mixture of several gases, condensates or crudes, water and minerals, including sand from the reservoir and scale deposits, waste and corrosion from the tubing.

To separate, withdraw or transform those different components, PCM offers a single unit transfer system with a unique high pressure capacity coupled to the lowest NPSH eliminating the need for separators and export pumps. Our pumps can be arranged vertically and installed directly into tanks, sumps, pits and caissons. This minimizes equipment footprint and simplifies the installation by reducing the need for piping, valves and instrumentation.

  • PCM pump for open drain on an offshore platform in Quatar

Oil and Gas processing challenge

Our transfer pumps can be used across a wide range of Oil & Gas Processing applications, including :

  • Open and closed drains transfer
  • Flare KO drum emptying
  • Crude oil transfer
  • Hydrocarbon condensate transfer
  • Rich MEG / Glycol
  • Hydrocarbon sludge

Hydrocarbon condensate transfer from HP/LP flare knock out drums or hazardous effluents from a closed drain tank involve fluids with high vapour pressure. This requires an installation with low NPSH, particularly where space is scarce. Fluids are collected from a variety of sources before transfer back to the main process for recovery and treatment before disposal. The composition and characteristics of these fluids vary considerably.

Why choose PCM for Oil and Gas Processing ?

  • With the lowest NPSH of all positive displacement pumps, the PCM surface transfer pumps deliver highly reliable performance in challenging applications.
  • PCM high pressure surface transfer pumps reach differential pressure up to 200 bars (2900psi) and make product transfer and injection possible with a single pump unit.
  • PCM surface transfer pumps perform constant flow despite varying levels of viscosity, solids content and pressure.
  • PCM pumps provide a reliable and cost-effective solution to avoid auxiliary equipment or several parallel separation pumps.

Customer references

  • Pump : PCM 390THP15V
  • Flow rate : 122 m3/hr (540 US GPM)
  • Pressure :  14 bar (200 psi)
  • Electrical motor mounted at deck level
  • Length : 32 m and 10 m
  • API 676 compliant- Compliant with classification rules of Bureau Veritas 

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