PCM Oil and Gas

Multiphase pumps

Multiphase booster systems provide incremental oil production from mature fields. One of the most interesting challenges is boosting the fluid from the wellhead to the processing facilities.

PCM provides cost effective and reliable pumping solutions to pump the multiphase mixture instead of having to install separation facilities at each wellhead cluster. While reducing capital cost, PCM technology lowers the backpressure on wells and improves the global footprint of the equipment.

  • PCM Multiphase Booster pump on Sirikit well, Thailand

Multiphase Booster Challenge

Our transfer pumps can be used across a wide range of applications, including :

  • Crude oil export pump
  • Wellhead booster pump

Incremental production from ageing oil wells can be achieved by installing a booster pump at the well head, in order to reduce well head pressure. Older wells often have high gas to oil ratios (GOR). Separation systems are traditionally installed near the well head to remove gases before oil transportation, but the right multiphase pumping technology eliminates the need for this separation and has proven to be a cost effective alternative.

Why choose PCM for Multiphase Booster ?

  • PCM PCP technology increases oil production by lowering backpressure at the wellhead.
  • PCM pumps ensure steady production delivery despite varying levels of viscosity and high sand cut with a range of corrosion resistant products .
  • The PCM surface transfer pump handles fluids with up to 50% free gas at the pump intake on a continuous basis.
  • The exclusive PCM patended HRPCP (Hydraulically Regulated) technology drastically pushes the boundaries of PCP use for applications with high volumes of evolved gas. Up to 99 % free gas at the pump intake is possible while retaining all the other advantages of a PCP.

Customer reference

  • PCM 180THP30
  • Fluid : Oil + Water + Gas + Sand
  • Flow rate : 75m3/h (11260bfpd)
  • Differential pressure : 20 bar (290psi)

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