PCM Oil and Gas

Enhanced oil recovery

Polymer flooding is a common enhanced oil recovery technique (EOR). To work effectively, the polymer solution must be transferred with care at the surface, avoiding physical damage to the polymer bonds.

PCM transfer pumps offer the lowest shear level on the market. The high pressure capabilities of the range make product transfer and injection possible with a single pump unit.

  • PCM Pump for polymer make-up used for EOR in Oman.

Enhanced Oil Recovery Challenge

Our transfer pumps can be used across a wide range of applications, including :

  • EOR polymer transfer
  • Surfactant transfer

To enhance oil recovery, chemical solutions of diluent, polymer and surfactant are used for preparing aqueous solutions injected into the wells.

Polymer is viscous with a high elasticity linked to the great molecular chain length. Its physical integrity is critical to the success of the EOR process.

Why choose PCM for Enhanced Oil Recovery ?

  • With PCM progressing cavity pumps’ lowest shearing and low pulsing, transfer occurs maintaining polymer quality.
  • Our positive displacement pumps have large lenticular cavities that reliably convey viscous fluids without blocking.  
  • Multiple material options and rotor/stator geometries offer optimized and best suited solution according to viscosity and the composition of the solutions used.

Customer reference

  • Location Oman
  • Pump PCM 90I5
  • Flow : 60m3/hr (264 US GPM)
  • Differential pressure : 4.5 bar (65psi)
  • API 676 compliant

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