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PCM support on Well Testing Application

A historical client of PCM recently encountered various technical problems on integrated equipment containing pumps supplied by PCM (PCM Delasco™ PMA10).

A multidisciplinary task force was quickly set up to provide answers and support to the customer.

A fast-track action plan has been carried out thanks to a strong collaboration with our client including:

  • In depth pump expertise / Failure Analysis (8D Analysis)
  • Comparative test (246 hours in 24/7 operating mode)

This resulted in key proposals for improvements on the design, maintenance and integration of PCM products into the customer system.

And finally, a satisfied customer:

Indeed, we are satisfied with our collaboration with the PCM teamI, in particular Mr. Ollivier and Mr. Scribe, on the various issues that we have encountered since the end of 2019.

We expect that this partnership can continue to progress in order to always improve the reliability and performance of PCM pumps in our applications.

Congratulations to the teams !

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