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2 surface pump skids of our API676 progressing cavity pump A series installed in Colombia

2 surface pump skids of our API676 progressing cavity pump A series - models 40A6 - have been assembled and installed in the facilities of one of the largest Oil&Gas client in Colombia.
They have just been successfully commissioned by our technician based in our workshop of  Barrancabermeja city in Colombia.
Both pumps were equipped with a Pressure Safety Valve and electrical motors of 7.5HP sourced and assembled locally.
Both pumps feature PCM 164 nitrile (NBR) elastomer.

The pumps are used in crude oil recovery application, with a rated capacity of 80.5gpm @ 46.1 psig diff. Pressure (18,5 m3/h @ 3.2 bar), to take the oil crude of 176 cP @ 90F (32°C) from a sump.

Back in 2020, PCM succeeded to deliver the customer In July despite the COVID-19 contingency. The target was to start-up in March 2021.

After a strict technical review of all the technical documentation and pump assembly in presence of the designated inspector by our client, the official approval for commissioning and startup of the pumps was given with congrats for the “good looking pumps, with great finishing details”.

Congratulations to all the teams involved!

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