PCM EcoMoineau™ C pump: the shortest stainless steel progressing cavity pump in the market

The new stainless steel progressive cavity pump, the EcoMoineau™C, is the shortest PCP in the market, 42% shorter and 57% lighter than previous PCP series.

Its revolutionary design combines the legendary performance and reliability of PCM PCP technology with enhanced maintenance operations:

  • Patented connecting system with 3 screws only to complete maintenance
  • The shaft line (rotor, coupling rod, driving shaft) can be removed without disconnecting the pipes.
  • Easy and independent access to each wearing part.

The new EcoMoineau™C is an Eco-design pump. It is lighter (thanks to less raw materials) and uses 10% less power than previous generation pumps.

The EcoMoineau™C pump is perfect for food markets such as meat and animal food, sugar and starch, convenience food and beverages and for industry markets such as chemicals, minerals, paper and waste water treatment.