PCM Dosymix™ Inline Dynamic Food Mixer

Through the Dosymix™ mixer, PCM provides to the manufacturers the ability to optimize their total cost of production through a inline process opposed to batch process mixing solutions.

The inline mixing comes just before the filling step and offers a considerable flexibility in the production process allowing to:

  • remove the mixing tank;
  • produce small batches and quickly switch to a different recipe avoiding lose all or part of the mixing tank;
  • test new recipes.

Through its design, with two helices in opposite direction, the Dosymix™ inline mixer ensures gentle mixing to preserve the texture and the integrity of ingredients.

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum capacity: 6m3/h
  • Hygienic construction : 3A design, facilitated CIP and SIP
  • Low internal volume : reduced products losses
  • Multiple outputs : precise distribution
  • Special screw profiles : uniform mixing, without shearing and without damages

Applications :

  • Fruits mixing
  • Pulps and flavors in yogurt
  • Flavors, dyes and ingredients in meat emulsion
  • Ferments, rennet, brine, flavors or fruits in cheese
  • Flavors, pectin in jam
  • Herbs, seeds in sauces or vegetables in soups