PCM additive station for high capacity containers

PROCESS : PCM combines large quantities and precision with the special PCM ADDITIVE station for high capacity containers.

Food systems and pumps specialist for transfer, dosing, mixing and filling, PCM offers a new large capacity version of its ADDITIVE dosing station for liquid additives. Developed with DosysTM pumps range, this new realization is based on the design of a long suction wand with large diameter, well adapted to large capacity containers. This high capacity dosing station provides flow rates up to 1300l/h. The Dosys™ technology used in this system allows the handling of particles with size up to 30mm without any damage.

With standard dosing systems, product loss can represent over half of the total cost of operation. Loss can occur for many reasons among which inaccurate dosing, pump priming, product changeovers and production completion.

The use of the suction wand specific to large capacity containers (DN38 1,5m length with product detection probe), allows for example the suction and dosing of fruit pulps, then the injection into a white mass with a very high degree of dosing precision. One of the solutions proposed by PCM is an electromagnetic flow-meter mounted on the pipe of the white mass at injection point which allows the most accurate dosing of the fruit pulp while injecting proportionally to the flow of the white mass.

Moreover, the system’s end of drum detection probe alerts the operator when the container is empty.

More generally, PCM inline dosing systems substantially reduce product loss at every steps of the dosing operation,, while delivering superior versatility. The ADDITIVE Station system with special suction wand answers with outstanding accuracy to the needs of the processed fruit industry for the emptying of large capacity drums, bag in box or containers.