New PCM Delasco™ DX series for X-stream and green pumping

The new PCM Delasco™ DX series is a peristaltic pumping solution minimizing water waste while increasing pumping efficiency.

Drawing on its expertise of peristaltic pumps and their broad range of applications, PCM has developed Delasco™ DX series (DX65 - DX80 - DX100 models) with a technology that will meet the expectations of today’s mining and environment markets as well as the requirements of chemical and new energies applications. The main concerns of customers when dealing with big peristaltic pumps are to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their operations, enhance maintenance with MIP (maintenance in place) and reduce energy consumption. This is exactly what the PCM Delasco™ DX series help them to do.

Easy adjustable pumps built to last in any tough environment

Finding ways of saving water has become paramount in industrial processes. With PCM Delasco™ DX series all fluids flow : abrasive and high solids content slurries up to 80% dry solids, corrosive high density media, viscous shear sensitive particles or corrosive gaseous fluids. There is no need to add water to enable pumping nor is the pump operation and efficiency affected by variations in solids, viscosity or pressure.
Therefore with simple and sturdy design (robust shock resistant heavy cast X-cover design and all sensors at the rear to protect them), the DX series is ideal for tough environments.

Another advantage such as the internal bearing allows the DX series pumps to run with any type of drive and motor thanks to a quick plug-in- drive system.
Adaptable to any environment, every PCM Delasco™ DX is individually shimmed to perfectly match your pumping conditions, granting perfect hose compression and long service life. But if new conditions are required, easy shoe shimming adjustment is possible thanks to a stainless steel hatch ATEX compliant.

In addition, inherent to peristaltic technology, the pumps can run dry and need no ancillary protection equipment.

Low life cycle and maintenance costs

PCM Delasco™ DX series can generate flow rates up to 55m3/h and are also available in duplex configuration. With two pump heads and one single drive, the PCM Delasco™ DX Duplex series allows to double the flow rate of a single pump up to 100m3/h with the benefits of a reduced footprint, less pulsations and less maintenance cost. Less energy as well is required thanks to the inherent low running speed of the pumps.

By nature, peristaltic pumps are easy to maintain thanks to their seal-less construction and as the only wetted part is the hose. PCM DX series substantially improves the technology benefits with:
- optimized life time for the hose; the high quality abrasion resistant elastomer provides thousands of working hours,
- easy on-site maintenance and short downtime with an ingenious pull-out system that allows fast connection removal and easy hose change in minutes even after hours of operations on sticky products,
- internal bearing technology that eliminates load on gear motor bearings, favors heat dissipation and reduces drive related maintenance.

Environment care

Built to last and to cut down maintenance time and cost, PCM Delasco™ DX is also environmental friendly with a 100% leak proof body to hold the fluid in case of hose rupture and one of the smallest footprint on the market.