New food hose for PCM Delasco™ peristaltic pumps

Specially designed for the food industry, a new food grade hose is available for PCM Delasco™ DL and DSC series. The part in contact with the fluids is white. Engineered for high pressure applications, it can be Cleaned In Place and complies with CE1935/2004 and FDA 21 CFR177.2600.

With an outstanding mechanical resistance it provides superior hose life compared with standard nitrile and brings performances, food safety compliance and low life cycle costs together.

Ideal for the transfer and the dosing of fragile, abrasive, viscous fluids or fluids containing solids, the PCM Delasco™ peristaltic pumps can run dry without causing any damages. The hose is the unique wearing part and the unique part in contact with the pumped fluid. Without dynamic seal, the PCM Delasco™ pumps combine performances, food safety and low life cycle costs.