PCM Oil and Gas

Visiting day of the IFP School students last 4th of April

Since 2014, PCM organizes each year a day tour for the students of IFP School.

This visit is now included within the framework  of the school’s Petroleum Engineering and Project Development Master program. The 2017 class has visited the Champtocé-sur-Loire site last April 4th to attend a presentation of our Oil & Gas activity and visit the plant.

IFP School is the application school of IFP Energies nouvelles. IFP Energies nouvelles is a French public-sector research, innovation and training center active in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. Training is one of its statutory missions.

These visits reflect the quality of the historic relationship that exists between PCM and IFP.  Indeed, in the year 1980, the Institut Français du Pétrole (now IFP Energies nouvelles) in partnership with PCM conducted  researches, development and field tests that permitted to run the first Moineau progressing cavity pump applied to downhole artificial lift oil wells .  

The Petroleum Engineering and Project Development master program of IFP School  prepares for project and technical management professions in the domains of reservoir engineering, drilling and production. Therefore, students were naturally able to exchange on the Oil & Gas jobs at PCM, career opportunities and needs. As a matter of fact, a Mexican student is working internship at PCM in Levallois during scholar year 2016-2017 on a well surveillance project.

PCM also shares with IFP School the same multicultural diversity and geographical flexibility of its recruits. With around half of its students being foreign nationals from more than 50 countries,  IFP School has a strong international dimension that appeals to students and prepares them for international careers within multidisciplinary teams where highly qualified and mobile technicians are required. These future engineers will also bring their knowledge of PCM ALS and STP technologies in their future professional environment.