Opening of PCM USA Inc. new facilities extension in Houston


Opening of PCM USA Inc. new facilities extension in Houston, Texas - May 24th , 2017

PCM, leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and systems for O&G, Food and Industry has inaugurated the construction of an additional 32,000 sqft extension to its existing 22 000 sqft facility. By expanding its global footprint, PCM is becoming even more local in America, investing in local production capacity and people.

Since 1932, PCM has manufactured positive displacement pumps and sold them worldwide. The headquarters of PCM are in France, but in order to meet the demand around the globe while adapting to specific considerations in the different regions in which it operates, PCM has established a localized organization. PCM USA Inc. sales and industrial hub for the Americas was established in 2005 to serve our three markets, Oil & Gas, Food and Industry. Our main objective is to always satisfy our customers wherever they operate. We believe that the best enabler for this program is proximity and this is exactly the purpose of our new manufacturing premises.

“This new facility increases our capabilities of local production, local assembly, local sourcing, local resources (we hired early on in 2017 and will continue to do so) for better proximity and faster delivery time to market for products, systems, services, solutions at top quality” said Stephane Thomas, President of PCM USA Inc. at the opening ceremony. “This facility is ISO 9001 certified and will enhance operational efficiency for our three business units”, he added.

New building, new state-of-the-art machines, new people reflect the long term strategy of PCM Group, globally and in the Americas, with significant investments. By establishing a close, long-term relationship with its customers, PCM is in a position to benefit from feedback on products and solutions already in use, getting the products our customers need and installing new product lines in our workshop if needed. The objective is to provide a more efficient supply chain to provide top class quality services.

PCM will regularly review and adapt its local presence according to market needs. In a changing world where globalization is more and more present, PCM remains agile, adaptable and flexible. It is no coincidence if PCM was founded by René Moineau, aviation pioneer and inventor of the progressing cavity pump and if our moto is Keep it Moving.