PCM Industry

New EcoMoineau ™ M models

PCM extends its products offer and introduces new models of EcoMoineau™ M pumps. These pumps are specially designed for the transfer and dosing of fluides with a flowrate of more than 180 m3/h.

EcoMoineau™ M cast iron progressing cavity pump


PCM adds seven new models of progressing cavity pumps to the EcoMoineau™ range. 

More compact than other comparable progressing cavity pumps, these new models of pumps allow a significant space saving thanks to the shorter shaftline. Only 7 cm are required to dismantle the stator and rotor.
These progressing cavity pumps are ideal for high flowrates pumping (more than 180m3/h), especially for sludge pumping in mining industries and waste water treatment plants. 

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