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First insertable PCM Vulcain™ project

PCM has been awarded an order in Middle East involving an insertable PCM Vulcain™ 80V1000S. PCM proposes the first Insert All Metal PCP combining benefits of both technologies for difficult to extract unconventional reserves.

The All Metal progressing cavity pump is capable of pumping extremely hot , highly viscous unconventional hydrocarbons and high temperature water and the insert system allows changing operation in low production well at the lowest cost. This high temperature insert all metal PCP will be used in thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery involving electro-heating. The downhole heaters will enable the Extra-Heavy oil to be produced to surface by the PCM VulcainTM outperforming conventional elastomer PCP due to the high temperature.

Pump will be installed in a 4 ½ tubing at 900 m depth.  Expected production with this system is 850-1000 bpd. The insert solution allows to run in hole and to pull out of hole in one shot the rotor and the stator with a light pulling unit, reducing drastically Work/over costs, logistics costs and non producing time.

Changing the pump can also be done easily while keeping in place the Downhole gauges and their cable attached to the tubing.

First insertable PCM Vulcain™ project