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A PCM Vulcain™ All-Metal PCP application in China | PCM

After More than 3 weeks of continuous steam injection at 230°C and 33 bars through its patented All-Metal PCP stator, a PCM Vulcain™ 80V660 has just been successfully commissioned in Western part of China.

The rotor overhanging during steam injection just above the stator, has been easily landed within the stator under the supervision of our PCM expert permanently based on the field.

The pump smoothly started once soaking period was over. The well is equipped with a drive head PCM Driver™ B-50 coming with a high temperature No Leak Seal able to face extremely high temperatures during steaming. The full equipment is running perfectly in this shallow highly deviated well! Other installations are planned this year to develop the field with this Cyclic Steam Stimulation proof technology.


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