Careers at PCM

Excellent employees are the heart and soul of PCM. That’s how it’s always been. And we want it to be even more so in the future. Our people take up the challenge to excel in any environment and their dedication to customer WORLDWIDE is our greatest strength. In the same way, we wish to excel in the development of our employees, the enhancement of local human resources and a culture of diversity. We want to be an employer of choice.

We are proud of being part of the PCP (Progressing Cavity Pump) HISTORY and to continue to spread the invention of René Moineau (one of the founder of PCM Group) throughout the world.

Our EXPERTISE is our pride. The values of PCM are directly linked to our past and to our job. It is our challenge to continue the story and to use these values in today’s world to adapt and to develop our business with the same pioneer spirit.

PCM seeks to provide safe, reliable, customer-focused and sustainable solutions. We know that doing so requires a high performing organization that is financially sound and innovative, that attracts talents and offers employees satisfying work and CONVIVIALITY in relationships.

PCM is committed to its values of Respect, Engagement and excellence. The way we work is designed to promote a Group culture that encourages responsible conduct among all employees.

Our ethics policy is detailed in the PCM Code of Conduct. The principles apply worldwide within the PCM group companies not just on the human level, but also on the financial, legal, social and environmental level. It concerns the Group itself (the staff, shareholders and entities of PCM), the marketplace (customers, suppliers, competitors) and the countries in which the group operates.

The Group has implemented an eco-design policy aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of its activities and ensuring a healthy and sustainable environment for its employees. Find all our actions at the service of the environment by clicking here.