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PCM è un gruppo dinamico in costante evoluzione "Keep it Moving! ".
Ascoltando i suoi mercati, il Gruppo si sta espandendo a livello internazionale, innovando costantemente e regolarmente esponando in tutto il mondo, i suoi prodotti e servizi.

PROCESS : PCM combines large quantities and precision with the special PCM ADDITIVE station for high capacity containers.


Now coupled with level sensors, the Dosymix™ supplies a simplified installation with two components in one: it replaces buffer tank and in line mixer, a particularly interesting solution for improving “just on time” dosing

PCM your leading manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps for Food & Industry and Oil & Gas is launching its new web site aimed at industrial companies in search of innovative and cost effective pumping solutions that meet their market expectations.

Through the Dosymix™ mixer, PCM provides to the manufacturers the ability to optimize their total cost of production through a inline process opposed to batch process mixing solutions.

As part of the launching of its new progressing cavity pump, PCM has developped a communication campaign focused on its customers. Indeed, customers' satifaction is always at the heart of PCM concerns. Thus, PCM shares commitment of its customers to excellence. Quality, safety and efficiency are...