PCM Dosymix™, dos componentes en una sola tecnología

Now coupled with level sensors, the Dosymix™ supplies a simplified installation with two components in one: it replaces buffer tank and in line mixer, a particularly interesting solution for improving “just on time” dosing.

Dosymix™ inline dynamic mixer already enjoys wide acceptance in the market and is often used by the Dairy products Industry to guarantee the respect and the homogeneousness of the mixtures components, in accordance with their recipes. Coupled with level sensors, the Dosymix™ reduces drastically the dimensions of the equipment required for just on time dosing/filling.

This mini system associates two main functions to provide a minimum footprint:

  • the buffer tank function before dosing providing all advantages of just on time dosing.
  • the dynamic mixing function for optimized mixing and distribution of particles homogenization or suspension.

With this configuration, the Dosymix™ replaces the buffer tank often bulky and difficult to clean and offers the following benefits :

  • Homogeneous product guaranted without settlement at storage phase before dosing.
  • Mixing with possibility of speed variation according to the different products.
  • Sterile air overpressure regulation in the buffer tank to maintain a constant pressure.
  • 4 regulation levels in buffer tank
    • 2 sensors for an accurate regulation of the product level
    • 2 alarm sensors, bottom and top
  • Simplified CIP and SIP, no hopper to clean

The standard condiguration includes :

  • 1 Dynamic mixer PCM Dosymix™ (body internal volume from 17 up to 30 Liters)
  • 4 Level sensors (regulation+alarms)
  • 1 Frequency invertor (2 ways of rotation) in cabinet control panel
  • Stainless steel frame or easy integration in existing process

Also available, an option of heating jacket for thermal regulation

Dosymix™ can be integrated onto existing machines or combined with other PCM equipment for inline dosing system including :

  • Dosys™ dosing pumps
  • Dosys™ filling nozzles

PCM allows Dosymix™ product to move in order to stay close to its customers’ concerns and provide solutions for space constraints and costs reduction.