Nueva página web de PCM

PCM your leading manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps for Food & Industry and Oil & Gas is launching its new web site aimed at industrial companies in search of innovative and cost effective pumping solutions that meet their market expectations.

This new user-friendly and dynamic web portal has been designed and reworked to meet industrial companies' specific requirements by placing their strategic issues at the heart of the site. It is designed to  answer the questions of controlling investments and operating costs, guaranteeing continuity of production, optimizing productivity, enhancing equipment safety and reducing environmental impacts, all things at the core of our deliberations and activities. Presenting PCM’s areas of expertise in the sectors of oil and gas, industry, chemicals, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, food processing, etc., it puts forward our wide range of pumping solutions and services and refers internet users to the solution best suited for their application.

Developed using “Responsive design”, the new version of pcm.eu adapts to all terminals, from smartphone to HD screens. It offers visitors an optimal browsing experience and allows a more interactive approach and integration of multimedia content. The ergonomic design makes it easier to find information right from a clear organized home page. The drop-down menus give a general outlook of our offer allowing visitors to go directly into the sought information without wasting time. They know at any time where they are in the site, thanks to a breadcrumb rail.

“A clearer web site which better reflects PCM identity and evolution and fits web users’ latest requirements for more mobility and responsiveness. This is the general principle guiding the new pcm.eu”.