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PCM è un gruppo dinamico in costante evoluzione "Keep it Moving! ".
Ascoltando i suoi mercati, il Gruppo si sta espandendo a livello internazionale, innovando costantemente e regolarmente esponando in tutto il mondo, i suoi prodotti e servizi.

Specially designed for the food industry, a new food grade hose is available for PCM Delasco™ DL and DSC series. The part in contact with the fluids is white. Engineered for high pressure applications, it can be Cleaned In Place and complies with CE1935/2004 and FDA 21 CFR177.2600.

The new stainless steel progressive cavity pump, the EcoMoineau™C, is the shortest PCP in the market, 42% shorter and 57% lighter than previous PCP series.

The EcoMoineau™ M Series is a range of pumps dedicated to liquid sludges and reagents pumping in environmental markets.