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Dosymix™ inline dynamic mixer

The Dosymix™ inline dynamic mixer is perfect for fragile and sensitive ingredients containing solids or fibers. It’s also ideal for mixing products with different viscosities or different proportions, using either pulsed or continuous flow.

Our mixer ensures you’ll enjoy a homogenous mixture without altering either the ingredients or the texture of the product, meaning there’s no need to reconstitute the texture with expensive additives. As it mixes products through progressive contact rather than shearing, the Dosymix™ is particularly suitable for use with fragile products such as fruit. Its low mixing volume also means that it’s ideal for the addition of time-sensitive products, and although this industrial food mixer is powerful, its low volume operation reduces product loss both during the process and at the end of a production cycle.

Operating principle

The operating principle of the Dosymix™ is to mix by simultaneously using forward and counter-current mixing. We offer 5 models of this industrial food mixer, sized for different average capacities to suit your processes. The entire range can handle average product mixing rate from 200 l/h to 8000 l/h.

Mixer Options

We offer options to further adapt your inline dynamic mixer to fully meet your needs, including:

  • Simple mechanical seal
  • Special seals
  • Screw with special profile for the transfer of larger pieces
  • Double casing to maintain temperature
  • Other connections: DIN, TRI-CLAMP
  • PCM Dosymix™ food dynamic mixer


We know that your ingredients are your most important assets. That’s why our inline dynamic mixers are designed to reduce loss and preserve your ingredients’ texture. Some further advantages include:

Hygienic design

  • As this mixer has no removable parts, cleaning is done in place, minimising damage to your mixer.

Low internal volume

  • The low mixing volume limits the amount of product lost during operation.

Quick assembly

  • The mixer can be quickly and easily attached to the body by tri-clamp connection.

Special screw profiles

  • Our screw profiles produce a uniform mixture without shear, which preserves your product’s texture and the flow of pieces through the mixing process.

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