Exhibitions and Events

PCM is a dynamic group that is constantly evolving « Keep it moving ! ». Attentive to market’s needs, PCM Group is expanding internationally, constantly innovating and exhibiting regularly its products and services offer around the world.


EXPONOR exhibition in Chile

Come meet us at our partner stand, Soltex, at the Exponor show in Chile from 15th to 19th May. Dedicated to the mining industry, you’ll find our range of slurry pumps.


OZ WATER exhibition in Australia

PCM will exhibit at the OZ Water show from 16th to 18th May in Australia.


HEAVY OIL SHOW in Bonyville in Canada

PCM & AMIK will exhibit on the next Heavy Oil Show show in Bonyville (Canada) on 21st and 22nd June 2017.

Come meet us, we’ll present you our products and services especially designed for the oil & gas industry and more particularly the Heavy oil.


FOOD PRO in Sydney (Australia)

PCM will exhibit at Sydney from 16th to 19th July at the Food Pro show.

Come discover our transfer products, our pumping and dosing systems that preserve the quality and integrity of your food products.


EXTEMIN exhibition in Peru

PCM will be at the EXTEMIN show from 18th to 22nd of September in Peru.

Come and meet us to discover our wide range of mining equipment and pumps.