PCM Oil and Gas

PCM vor Ort - Ausbildung und Einweisung für den Kunden

Fallbiespiele - PCM vor Ort - Ausbildung und Einweisung für den Kunden


  • Classroom training to review theoretical basics, operational procedures and design guidelines to ensure highest level of safety
  • Field training by PCM field engineers to support and transmit the best practices for workover operations, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Training content adapted to audience skills and installed technology (PCM Moineau™, PCM Vulcain™, HRPCP)


Full-scale training covering the following topics:

Theoretical basis:

  • PCP Principle and components
  • Fluid mechanics & elastomer basics

Installation & pulling out procedures
Design guidelines:

  • Downhole & surface selection
  • Elastomer selection

Drivehead description and maintenance
Troubleshooting & failure analysis


Clients increase their knowledge on equipment selection, field optimization and Work-Over operations.


Transfer knowledge to client teams through full-scale trainings.
Different attendees profiles: Work-over operators, mechanics,  electrical, completion and production engineers, etc.


Client Typology: National Operating Company
Geographical Area: East Africa
Well type: Vertical
Depleted / low PI